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doodle because there aren’t enough musician!destiel AUs out there. ;n; sketched this draft at 2AM, will probably finish soon. i have a penchant for icky pick-up lines lol


"Castiel chooses humanity, and he delights in the pleasures of the flesh.

He is alive in this body and he intends to honor his Father’s work by tasting all it has to offer. He will do this as fervently, righteously, and to the fullest extent of his ability. He will learn its faculties and relish the experience of living in it completely until that life ends, or until his brothers and sisters call him back to Heaven.

He moves into the bunker — and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Dean’s bed — and settles back into the routines of food and sleep and hygiene. When he is confident in those fundamentals, he begins the work of exploration.”

He Begins The Work of Exploration

fic by itfeltpurefic

And we’re off!

Art! Writing! Madness! is a Supernatural art/story exchange by mycolour and itfeltpurefic.  Each takes a turn creating a piece of art, which the other uses as a prompt for a short story.  Unless otherwise specified, stories are one-offs.


Gripped tight and raised something am I right?



Soooo, I wanted to draw Cas getting a hug. But then I thought of what it would take for Dean to hug him….maybe win the war? Kill Raphael? But then I thought Cas wouldn’t look too happy, because I can’t imagine him rejoicing for the death of his brothers, be they bad or good, so that’s why this ended up being a rather depressing drawing.

Sorry, Cas, I’ll try to draw a cute hug soon, I swear!

this is terrifying why are you doing this to meeeeee




Sorry for the repost, but I realized that I posted this art as a text, not a photo, my bad. D:

Destiel, now with moar pixels.


“Cas, are you God?’
“That’s a nice compliment, but no.”

Tilt screen to view.
(Part of the tilt back series)


So I guess Castiel is mimicking Dean’s arm with his wing. Lalalala~


can I get a HELL YEAH for reverse!verses. And I just feathers in hair


I had a few ideas for Destiel hugs in my head but I couldn’t decide which one to draw so I drew all of them yeah

these were so fun to do so if you guys have any suggestions for wing!hugs leave them in my askbox


Finals start tomorrow! Have a fluffy stress doodle ~